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№22 (231) 19 November - 2 December 2008

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A long and winding road to Europe
The government adopted a draft law that should in its view to alleviate a pressure on the political parties and mass media. Amendments to the law will allow more freedom in facts interpretation Proposed amendments to acting legislation of Republic of Kazakhstan in respect to political parties and mass media should prepare a ground for future Kazakhstan chairmanship in OSCE in 2010. Meanwhile, Kazakhstan meets its obligations discussed in detail last year in Madrid by Kazakh delegates led by Minister of foreign affairs Marat Tazhin. Without doubt our country(which is located at the most morbid point of confrontation between West and East ) is getting ready to preside over the most powerful organization in the world.
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Big game
As economic crisis unfolds and hit more markets political scientists and economists change their basic concepts. They claim that the world changes in front of our eyes; we are moving away from equal geopolitical system with one 'center of power. The world mutates, new centers of power emerge. American economy doesn't dominate over others any more. We are quitting American model and run on dollar becomes a reality. West era is over. East one is due to begin with new reserve currencies as an alternative to greenback Time will show whether it is true or not. Anyway all changes happening around Kazakhstan make us to look from a different angle at its multivector foreign policy and evaluate its moderate conservative strategy of carrying out political and economic reforms.

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