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№23 (232) 3-16 December 2008

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Cost of the new project
Brilliant economic performance of the last decade faltered. World economic and financial crisis hit Kazakhstan badly. People want to know what will happen next and authorities have to answer two uneasy questions. What are the prospects for the national currency- tenge? Why the state bailed out BTA Bank Turan Alem, paying $2.3 billion for its equities. Why the bank received such a huge sum of money, in fact it got four times more than four other leading Kazakh players on the local financial market
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The SCO order to us
Shanghai cooperation organization is a part of the procedure aimed at creation of multilateral world . This organization is founded to serve interests of all parties-small and big states. World financial crisis was the main theme for discussion at the council meeting of the heads of the---SCO member nations held at the end of October in Astana in order to develop measures to weather economic storm

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Way to Europe
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