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New Afghan stalemate?
On December 11 Abdul Rashid Dostum, security advisor to the president Khamid Karzai, who was one of the top commanders of the Northern Alliance in the past, had to flee to Turkey. In fact he was, figuratively speaking, sent to exile. To the casual eye, it seemed that the story took a right turn . In any case, Dostum could have been sentenced to serve a long term in the jail for kidnapping. Meanwhile, it appears that the most influential political figures( experienced warlords who can survive in the specific Afghan environment) are being removed from the political arena of the country. Some people believe that there is the hand of some world power behind certain coincidences.
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This strange 2008
2008 was marked by a deep crisis that hit all leading and fledgling markets, including a Kazakh one 2008 is due to become a turning point in the history of globalization and world economy. Many countries will live through hard times. A similar fate might befall Kazakhstan. An overall outlook for the economy has darkened. The era of cheap loans that boosted economic growth is over. Experts have already given a gloomy outlook for businesses. World economic institutions have revised rating of the domestic banks downwards. Recently the state has introduced a package of measures that might cushion the blow: substantial sums have been poured in the safety net and programs designed to help small and middle businesses to survive. Will the governmental efforts bring any positive results? Time will show. The government is to take into consideration all factors that might serve stabilizers to the economy and devise policies that may help us to weather the storm

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