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Scarce money supply
Money supply is scarce. Cheap loans dried up. Countries are maneuvering, trying to ensure advantage for this or that currency in conditions of exacerbating world economic crisis
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The right to choice
At the informal summit of CIS member nations held in Borovoe. Kazakhstan Russia and Byelorussia agreed to form the Customs union. The agreement is due to come into force in early spring 2009. It is interesting to note that our country has also conducted talks that have been lasting for 6 years with the West, trying to ensure its membership in the WTO. Some skeptics opine that overlapping and contradicting principles of development both organization stick to, might prevent our country from pursuing its way of development. Authorities are sure that Kazakhstan should be fully integrated into the global economy. If it is really so, what is its place in the regional economy. Kazakhstan has a right to choice, but it is disputable if Kazakhstan can retain membership in both organization without infringing principles of cooperation in at least one of them. This is a matter of politics, not economics

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