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№3 (236) 11 - 24 February 2009

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Sudden shift
Two weeks ago it was suggested that nomination of Grigoriy Marchenko to the post of the head of the National Bank previously occupied by Anvar Saidenov wasn't a sheer coincidence. Resignation of Abnvar Saidenov marked a shift in monetary policies. These surmises crystallized into reality, when on February 4, 2009 tenge lost 20% of its value against dollar
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Subtle tuning
Parcels of land that for a long time have served an instrument of investment , are being plaughed again and returned to farmers. Price is not overblown anymore. Land restores its real value. While banks and investors are suffering losses , the state is trying to tidy things up in the legal sphere and sort out the mess on the free land market

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