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№6 (239) 25 March - 7 April 2009

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Struggle for the place under the sun?
The question bothering all market players now and prompting feverish talk- is what shall happen to loan payers who defaulted ? Should the state bail out all of them?
Main theme: Carmakers. Looking into the future      
More realistic approach
The demand for cars is steadily falling and prospects for carmakers and car dealers look bleak. They have to rethink and change strategies. In commercials official dealers put special emphasis on services and availability of spare parts. They revise their already pessimistic forecasts. Analysts also report a drop in orders for premium and business class models. Official dealers switch to more budget car brands. Dealers operating in the shadow sectors also tend to buy smaller number of jeeps and sedans and make their choice in favor of cheap second hand brands. Car dealers criticize the state for its decision to impose higher tariffs on imports of vehicles

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